Painting of a CaduceusPhysical health and well-being is directly linked to emotional and spiritual well-being. In life, we tend to push away our emotions, and vague sensations of non-wellness. These build up into depletions of the energy field, and can lead to dis-ease on many levels.

Besides being a body-centred psychotherapist, I have undertaken training in various aspects of healing, such as the Barbara Brennan inspired teaching at the SoEH (now known as the FIEH), and also the Remedial Therapy training at the RNC (Royal National College, Hereford).  I have a long-term practice of Sufism and Qi Gong, and studied channelling with Greg Branson.

I am interested in the process of working with a client to reveal the real person.  I work in a heart-centred, intuitive way, calling on many skills to meet the client’s need in the moment. This is done by revealing and releasing the cultural baggage, the accumulated emotion of unpleasant experiences, and messages from your life that say ‘no’.  In this safe space of holding, I help you to explore the real you, and to find a place of peace and fulfilment, and find your own inner guidance, so that you can shine as the person you were destined to be.

Sessions: under normal circumstances, I practise from a therapy centre near Kings Cross Station. With the current Coronavirus pandemic and restrictions, I do not offer face-to-face psychotherapy or healing sessions.  I am happy to work with you via the internet with Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype, and can offer sessions via the telephone if those services do not suit you.

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